The Funeral Service


  • Do you have a Will? If yes, who is your Executor and who has the latest copy?
  • Where is your service to be held – Church, Crematorium Chapel, graveside, other?
  •  What music, hymns, readings would you prefer?
  •  Who is to prepare and read the eulogy (family tribute)? – Family, friend or minister can do this.
  •  What is your Religion – Catholic, Anglican, none, etc.?
  •  Do you wish to be buried or cremated?
  •  Do you prefer a Minister or a Celebrant?
  •  Is the funeral director to supply mourning cars or does the family drive themselves to and from the funeral?
  •  What flowers are to be placed on the coffin (types, colours, etc.)
  •  Should mourners be asked to make donations to an organisation rather than bring flowers?
  •  Where should the funeral be advertised – newspapers and radio stations?
  •  What clubs or organisations are you a member of?
  •  What payments may be expected towards the funeral – Centrelink, Funeral Funds, Veterans Affairs, Unions, Health Insurance, etc.?
  •  Do you wish to have family and friends as pallbearers or do you require assistance from the Funeral Director?
  •  Do you allow your family to have a viewing of you?
  •  What would you like to be dressed in?
  •  What jewellery or other items do you want to be buried/cremated with you?
  •  What type of coffin would you prefer (normally selected with the assistance of the funeral director)?
  •  If you are to be cremated, where should your ashes be memorialised – wall or garden, scattered?

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