Services & Costs

We are committed to providing the following services

  • 24hr attention every day and night of the year.
  • Trained staff to organise funerals for city, country, interstate and repatriation overseas.
  • Liaise with clergy / celebrant and co-ordinate church and chapel requirements for all denominations.
  • Facilities and staff to effect transfer from home or hospital to our mortuary at any hour day or night.
  • Rendering of hygienic preparation and care.
  • Advise upon and necessary completion of the many aspects of funeral matters and problems.
  • Private arrangement conference facilities at our premises.
  • Provision for our staff to visit families in the comfort of their own home.
  • A wide selection of caskets and coffins to satisfy any personal wish.
  • Procurement of necessary burial certificate from doctor or hospital.
  • Obtaining of necessary cremation certificate and arranging statutory certificate from a specially qualified practitioner.
  • Arranging with crematorium or cemetery for reservation of time and grave requirements.
  • Fulfilling any usual wishes concerning Lodge, RSL, etc.
  • Completion of registration of death details with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages and arranging for one or more certified copies of the death certificate if required.
  • Preparing and inserting notices in newspapers and with radio stations where applicable.
  • Insertion of lodge or other special notices.
  • Ordering of floral tribute for family.
  • Receiving and careful handling and arranging of floral tributes at chapel or church.
  • Displaying of floral tributes at cemetery or crematorium and collection of cards.
  • Arranging of mourning vehicles when required.
  • Providing simulated grass matting for all burials.
  • Notifying Medicare.
  • Completing application for funeral benefit for Centrelink, where applicable.
  • Notification to Department of Veteran’s Affairs where deceased Service Personnel are involved.
  • Provision of national flag where appropriate.
  • Advice in all matters and claims relevant to Repatriation, Union, Societies, Social Services, Workers Compensation, Health Insurance Companies, etc.
  • Experienced Funeral Director with trained, courteous staff for constant attention during the funeral.
  • Prestige funeral vehicles.
  • Removable and suitable mounting of cross, crucifix or other motto when desired by family.
  • Full advice given and guidance on all matters concerning funerals, funeral procedure and funeral costs.
  • Organisation of temporary grave marker at all burials where grave is unmarked.
  • Assistance with the purchase of a suitable memorial for lawn and monumental cemeteries.
  • Assistance with the purchase of wall or garden position for the memorialisation of cremated remains, together with the purchase of a suitable bronze or satin chrome plaque.

We are dedicated to our duty and give our assurance that we will perform all tasks with full regard for the sacredness and trust involved

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